Team Building for a New Team

Posted on 12th Oct 2015


When starting a new business most teams fall together. By this we mean people join forces because they share a vision, they like each other or they feel that they have complimentary skills. New enterprise teams are rarely put together in the same way as teams are in large corporations; that is, planned.

In many cases it may not be practical to form new enterprise teams this way. However, a more analytical approach to team building can be very valuable. It will tell you where your team is strong and, importantly, where it has gaps. It can help you to understand what sort of people you need to recruit. It can give you advance warning of where the problems are likely to be in your relationships as your business grows.

The information that you will pick up on this course will be useful now and in the future as your business progresses.

We provide a two day programme which covers three styles of team development programme; Belbin (work styles), SDI (personality type and personality type under stress) and MBTI, which is a more complex psychological typing tool. Between these three, which all give different insights, you will get an overview of the most common programmes of this nature used in business.

You will get your own profiles. This is all done prior to the event to save time. The two days will be intense learning interspersed with team challenges. We have a stimulating but fresh approach so information is separated and you will not feel overloaded. The experience in itself is good for a new team.

We charge £3,000 plus VAT for the two days for a team of up to 8 people. This includes the facilitator and all subscriptions and programmes; there are no hidden extras. You will be the only team present, to ensure privacy. Typically these events are held in a country house hotel in an area of your choosing, so you will need to budget for food and accommodation. Typically this is around £250 per person and we can help you find and book the venue.

We can reduce the cost by focusing on just one profile, for example Belbin. When you consider the importance of this stage of business development it could be argued that saving cost is not the primary concern. However, running an event of this nature will help attendees to understand a vitally important thing; that people are not all the same. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

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