Posted on 6th Jan 2016

This graph is a bit of fun that turned up on the internet. Most of us will relate to the feeling that it depicts, although in reality things are not usually that bad.

In the pursuit of being more effective the challenge is to move the blue circle towards the centre of the green circle and to make the planning part of it. One effective strategy in doing this is delegation, and that is why this is relevant to organising events.

When a client books us the next question is often; 'What do we need to do next?' Our proposition is that we need to know what you want us to do, when and where you want it to be done. Then, and this is the crucial bit, we want you to be able to relax and enjoy the event along with your colleagues.

Our feedback regularly includes thanks that we made the experience of booking the event so easy. That is what we want to do, to take any stress from your shoulders as the organiser.

So call us for your next event and let us take the stress away so you can focus on what you actually do, and moving that blue square into the right place.

Organise Events
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