Management Speak

Promoting clarity by poking fun at convoluted management speak, buzzwords and unlikely metaphors.

800-pound gorillas, elephants in the room, supertankers stubbornly set on their path and low hanging fruit have all, in turn, found their way into the business lexicon. More experienced and self-aware managers realise that tired old clichés are to be avoided like the plague, but metaphors can be attractive and new ones come along each year to catch the unwary in their thrall. The result is loss of clarity and credibility, humiliation and, in organisations where management speak is a culture, loss of engagement.

Having spent 20 years organising team building events for large corporate clients we remember when assuming first made asses of u and me, we probably (oh the shame of this admission) used 'there's no I in team' with a straight face. Later on, we were in the room when the I was found in the a-hole.

We run the @managerspeak Twitter account to remind all of us to speak clearly and use plain English, so that we can all be more successful. It's also frequently silly and great fun.

If you enjoy our sense of humour then you might consider using us for your next fun team building event. Laughter is the best medicine.

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